How are you, everyone?

How was your 海の日weekend?

I am sure you all were exictied to see the soccer game! YEA! We did it!!


Today we have a quiz on some vocabulary and phrases  in sports games.


This is a perfect chance to study them!



①決勝戦 (                              )

②アメリカはランキング1位だからね! America is (                         ) Number 1!

③どっちが勝ってる? (                         ) is (                                     )?

④1対0だよ。  It is 1 (            ) 0.

⑤日本が負けてるよ! Japan is (                                   ).

⑥日本が今1点入れた!! Japan (                      ) just now!!

⑦同点だよ! It’s (                              )!


As you know, Japan won and it was a really good game.

Good job, Nadeshiko!!  We are so proud of you guys!!

"Nadeshiko" by Andy c. 2011