Hello. How are you?

We are currently having a new website designed. We think it will be a great new change but until we have it up we will be not updating this blog.

Thank you for reading it. And feel free to review old blogs on this page. Can you remember what you learned…

– Andy and Kaho







Hello, everyone!

How are you enjoying your ‘Silver Week’?


We are busy preparing for kids class tests!


If you are looking for something to do during the weekend, please check the answers from last week quiz and try the recipe below!


"Pancake Sky Tree" by Andy c. 2011



Pancake (very simple American style)

Makes about 10 small pancakes


– flour 100g

– baking powder 1 1/2 tea spoon

– sugar 1 1/2 tablespoon

– salt 1/4 tea spoon

– egg 1

– fresh cream* (or regular milk, soy milk or yogurt) 100ml

– oil 1 tablespoon

①. Mix flour, baking powder, sugar & salt and sift them.

②. Add the egg into  and stir.

③. Pour cream into .

④. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

⑤. Add butter to a hot frying pan, and spoon in the mix. Cook until golden brown on one side and then flip. Add more butter as needed.

– Serve with your favorite toppings;

fruit, whipped cream, maple syrup, anything!



These are photos of our pancake towers. They were fun to make and yummy to eat!

 Thanks to N. Yamaguchi for the recipe!

Hey, everyone!

Did you see the beautiful full moon this week?


I think moon-viewing is such a beautiful custom in Japan!


It is still hot in Kyoto, but I heard leaves are changing colors in New York State.


After the beautiful moon, I cannot wait to see leaves in red, orange and yellow!


Here is the 8th quiz. (Wow! Number 8 already!)  This time we have a  little different quiz. It is ‘cooking’ vocabulary!


Next week we will put a recipe with answers!





①材料  (i                           )

②(粉などを)ふるう    (s                    )

③加える、入れる (enterではありませんよ!) (a       )

④まぜる   (s                 )

⑤(液体の材料、または飲み物などを)注ぎ入れる  (p                 )

⑥(生地などを)ねかせる let it ( s               ) (ここではitが生地などを指します)

Please look forward to the answers next week. See you!


Thank for reading!

– Andrew and Kahoru

Hello, everyone!

It is such a beautiful day today! It’s not wet, it’s not so hot. Finally I feel like doing something!


How about you?

If you are looking for a challenge, let’s start from checking your answers from last week!



A: Kaho, have you ever heard of a ‘steel guitar’?

K: Hmm….Sounds familiar. Is that the one in Hawaiian music and country music?

A: Yeah, that’s the one.

K: …What about it?

A: Well, I am thinking about buying one… maybe… in the near future…

K: Another guitar?

A: Yeah, but a steel guitar.

K: How much is it?

A: Well, it varies, but maybe around 40,000yen.

K: Wow, that’s kind of expensive, isn’t it?

A: Yeah, I know, but I went to the music store the other day and I found the one I want.

K: (after a long pause)….well, in that case, that can be your only Christmas present this year.

A: !!!!!!

K: But no candies, no surprises! Nothing under the tree nor in the stocking! Deal?!

A: …


Hello, everyone! How have you been?

Welcome back to our とっさのひとこと英会話!

How was your summer?

We had very busy summer, especially with our first Kids’ English Bootcamp, but it was a success and we had a lot of fun!

Here is the new quiz for you! Do your best!!



Have you ever (                            ) (                        ) —-?


(                           ) familiar.


What (                                ) it?


I am thinking (                 ) —-ing.


In that (                     ), ……..


Please look forward to the answers next week. See you!


As you have probably heard, there was some serious weather in America due to Hurricane Irene last week. Here are a few pictures from friends and family in New York state.

* 2 photos from Andy’s aunt’s house in Upstate New York. (back yard and garden)

* 1 photo of our friend on a tree outside of New York City. Wow!