Summer Times

August 22, 2011

Hello again.

How are you? We had a warm few weeks but feel a little cooler these days. Is Fall almost here?

Of course, the summer is hot and humid here in Kyoto, but we also have many fun things to do.

Lake Biwa is nearby, shopping downtown (around Shijo and Kawaramachi) is always fun to see all kinds of people and to get a cool iced coffee, fireworks , street festivals like Gion Matsuri, and outdoor activities like hiking and cycling are all popular in Japan. What is your favorite summer activity?

Of course, we are often too tired to enjoy all that stuff. Seeing a movie in an air-conditioned theater, soaking in a nice hot spring (onsen) and relaxing at a Japanese style inn (ryokan) or just staying home and watching some TV are a nice ways to unwind. It is also fun to play video games with friends and families!

Arima-onsen was a fun trip for Kaho and I  this Summer.

We stayed there one night and enjoyed the “Gold” bath, great traditional Japanese meals and wearing yukatas.


Thanks for reading!


– Andy and Kaho


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