Hello, everyone! How are you doing?

We are busy preparing for the Kids BootCamp program!

It is our first special summer classes for kids. We are very excited!!

Anyway, here are the answers for the quiz! Please check them in the converstaion below.


A:Andy   K:Kaho

A: Let’s wake up at 4 tomorrow morning and watch the World Cup Championship!

K: Yeah, but can you really wake up that early?

A: No problem! I want to see America win!!

K: No way! Japan will win!

A: Let’s see what you can do! America is ranked Number 1!!


——–at 4am. Alarm clock buzzes.


A: OK, Kaho! Let’s wake up!

K: Uhh… I am so tired. I’ll sleep in. You should go ahead and watch.


——–at 5am. Kaho gets up.


K: So, who is winning?

A: America! It is 1 to 0. Japan is behind!!

K: Really? Oh look, Japan scored just now! See?! It’s tied!


We actually couldn’t wake up, but we watched the news afterwards.

As you know, Japan won and it was a really good game!! Andy and Kaho are both proud of Nadeshiko!