Hello, everyone. Welcome back to our blog! 🙂

How have you been?


We are doing fine, but guess what! Still busy organizing the house!


I think we are almost done, but organizing one thing always leads to million other things. So it seems like we can never really ‘settle’.


Anyhow, here is the 3rd quiz on everyday expressions. Good luck!!



①~してもいいですか?  Do you (                 ) if ~?

②おねがいがあるんだけど・・・。 Can you (                      ) me a (                            )?

③~借りてもいい? Can I (                       ) ~?


たとえば、「あれが見つからないのよー!」 I cannot find the (                    )-(             )-(                     )-(                          )-(           )!

(      )の単語はすべてハイフンでつながれています。

⑤~のこと?(相手の言ったことを確認するときに使う)   Do you (                    )~?

⑥勘弁してよ! Give me a (                           )!


Please look forward to the next week blog!

Have a nice weekend!!

– Andrew and Kahoru


Hello, everyone! How are you?

We are still busy setting up the new place.


Andrew is busy repainting furniture almost every week.


I am busy cleaning after him! 😉

わたしはその後片付けに忙しくしています。 😉

Cleaning and organizing

Anyway, here is the sample conversation with the answers for the 2nd quiz!


Did you get everything right?



S: Student     K: Kahoru

Kahoru and a student meet on the street one day…


S: Hello, Kahoru-sensei!


K: Oh, Hello. Long time, no see! How have you been?


S: Fine, I’m sorry I couldn’t take your lesson for so long.


K: No problem. I hope everything is OK…


S: Well, to tell the truth…we had an ant problem in the house.


K: ANTS!? I hate ants!


S: I know, me too! So, we have been looking for a new house and we finally found one near your school.


K: Good for you!


S: Yeah, we are moving next month. Please come to our house-warming party.


K: Sure! And thank you for inviting me. I’m looking forward to seeing your new place.


Thanks for reading!

-Andy and Kaho

Drawings by Andy c. Sliced Bread Studios 2011


Hello everyone!


How was your Golden Week?


We are very sorry that we couldn’t update our blog for so long.


Here is our second quiz. Give it a try!





① (        ) (         ) (         ) (          )! (お久しぶりです!)

② (        ) (         ) (         ) (          )?  (いかがお過ごしでしたか? または カジュアルに、元気にしてた?)

③ (        ) (         ) (         ) (          ), (実を言うと)

④ (        ) (         ) (         )! (よかったですね!)

⑤(         ) (         ) (         ) (~してくれてありがとう) 

⑥ I am (           ) (          ) (     )!    (~を楽しみにしてます!)    


Drawings by Andy


By the way, the other day, Andrew took this great picture of rainbow! It was actually a double rainbow!!!

It was once-in-a-life-time photo, I think. Enjoy!