Hello, everyone! Thank you for checking our last post.


This week, we are going to post a sample conversation with the answers for the quiz!


How many answers did you get right?


How many can you remember and actually use in the conversation?


Please try to use some of the expressions in the REAL convesation!



Sample Conversation

A: Andrew     C: Cody (Andrew’s older sister)

A: Guess what!  (ちょっと聞いてよ)

C: What? (何?)

A: Did I tell you I got a special surprise for my birthday? (誕生日にすごいサプライズがあったって話したっけ?)

C: No you didn’t, but that reminds me, did you get my card? (ううん。でもそれで思い出した。カード届いた?)

A:Yeah, but that’s not the great surprise! Kaho gave me a cake with my face on it!

C: What do you mean?

A: They draw pictures of people on cakes with frosting. Kaho brought them a photograph of me. Anyway, it was a funny surprise…

C: Did it look like you?

A: Yes, a little. But actually it kind of looked like ALF.

C: ALF?! Your’re kidding! (冗談でしょ!?)

  From the TV show? I love ALF! I watched it a lot when I was young. Do Japanese people know about ALF?

A: Yes, the show was on TV recently.

C:Wow. By the way, where were we?…..(ところで、どこまで話したっけ?)Oh, your cake. How did it taste?

A: Excellent. Do you want to see the picture?

C: Sure.


Hello! Thank you for reading our blog every week.


This week I (Kahoru) am writing this post because we want to try something new.


It might look boring because there won’t be many pictures as usual, but I will try to make it more interactive to help you study.


So today, I want you to do these quizzes!


If you know the answers, please email us using the comment box or write them down and bring them to class!


We look forward to your answers!!


These 6 phrases below often come up in our everyday conversation.


Please try to fill in the blanks!




                                 were we?


  That                                    me…


                   the way,

④ちょっと聞いてよ! ー(相手が) 何?

  Guess                     !    ―       ?


             I                      you ——?


 You are                                !


Sometimes there will be more than one answer.  You can use a dictionary, too. Good luck!



Drawings by Andy


– Andy and Kaho

Sakura, Once More

April 6, 2011

Keywords; realize v. 気がつく, several adj. いくつか, set up v. 整える

Hello! How are you all?

We are happy to see that spring is coming. It’s warm and beautiful outside and the lovely cherry blossoms are starting to show their pink faces.

I realized that we have been doing this web blog for over one year. YEA! We did it! Have you been reading every week? Thank you!


In Muko we have several cherry blossom trees in the park near our old house. We went there today for lunch, a flower-viewing lunch party (お花見. We took a few pictures.


We are very busy setting up our house so this blog is very short.

Thanks for reading!

Our new house:

– Andrew and Kahoru