March 23, 2011

Key Words: pack v. 荷造りする, setting n. 環境, provide v. 供給する,

cardboard box n. 段ボール箱, let v. ~させる, whole 全体の、すべての

Hello again. How is everyone? We are busy packing our things and getting ready to move!

We are very excited to have  a new place and a better space for classrooms. We hope our students will be happy in our new setting.

We’ve had some good memories here at the old house, but we are ready to move into a little bigger house. \(^0^)/


When you are moving, you need boxes.

I heard that some of the moving companies provide cardboard boxes for free. We are moving by ourselves so we needed to find them. We started asking some local shops if we could take their boxes. SATY was very friendly and gave us boxes.

But we needed more!

So, we also asked Lawson100 and they were also friendly and let us take some  boxes.

Right now, our whole world is boxes!

These are two of my favorite boxes. I was happy to find these interesting patterns printed on them.


We will not have  the internet connection next week so I will NOT be posting a blog. Please read this one again next week! Ha, ha!

Thank you for understanding.

– Andrew and Kahoru

STUDENTS: If you have any questions about own new location please contact us.


p.s. I thought this picture was funny…it’s my grumpy kiwi!