Support for Japan

March 16, 2011

KEYWORDS:earthquake n. 地震, thoughts n. 思い、心,

XOXOX  XはキスOはハグの意味で、手紙の最後などによく(女性が)使います,

brother n. 兄弟、でもここでは男同志の親友に対して使う親しみをこめた言葉です,

whatever ~は何でも, prayer n.祈り,  proud adj. 誇りに思う, organized adj. きちんとした,

disaster n. 災害, hardworking adj. 真面目な、勤勉な

Last Friday, Japan experienced a very serious earthquake and then a tsunami. Since then there have been many sad and scary images of the damage in the East and North of Japan.



 We have had so much bad news recently, so we wanted to share these messages of support from our friends and family in America.

“You are in my thoughts! I am so glad to hear you are ok. XOXOX” – Melanie, 28



“Glad you are safe, brother.” – Sonny, 28




“I’m thinking of you and Kahoru often. Take care.” – Kara, 36


“You and all of Japan has been on my mind since we heard the news. Thank God you are all ok.  I will do whatever I can from far away…” – Diane, 50


“I hope you and your family are safe, Kahoru. My prayers are with Japan.” – Janelle, 30



There are many groups and many people, from many countries, who want to support Japan.

There is one group that is called CRASH.  The name means Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope. They are much smaller than the Red Cross日本赤十字社, but they try to offer help and to  bring hope  to people in bad situations. Hope is so important in a terrible situation like this.


I feel proud of the many Americans I know who offered help and support from their hearts. And of course, I also feel proud of the Japanese because of how organized they were during the disaster

The Japanese people are hardworking and I know this country will become strong once again!

Please leave you thoughts and comments about anything in (English or 日本語!)

– Andrew and Kahoru


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