The World’s Cutest Baby Animal!

March 9, 2011

KEY WORDS: birthplace n. 誕生した場所, meow n. ニャーオ(猫のなき声), cute/ adorable/ darling adj. かわいい、とてもかわいい, cavity n. 虫歯, universally adv. 普遍的に, since ~なので, unusual adj. 珍しい, vote v. 投票する.

Hello! How is everyone? We’re fine.


Japan: the wonderful birthplace of the samurai, sushi, the shinkansen and Hello Kitty.  Meow!

One powerful force in modern Japan is kawaii culture.

We have many words in English for kawaii かわいい (cute, adorable, darling…) but かわいい is more than just a word. 

When I first came to Japan, I was often shocked by how cute everything was. I was worried that things were too sweet here and I was going to get a cavity! (Sorry, This is a bad joke I like to say.) I would love to write a blog all about it one day, but today I wanted to talk about something universally charming. Something so powerfully cute, even Benkei (弁慶)would say: “That is sooooo cute!” 「かわい~~~}

Baby animals.

Recently I asked my young student, “What’s your favorite animal?” She said “Alpaca – アルパカ” I thought it was very funny since children usually say “I like lions, rabbits, and koalas.” The next week, however, she had changed her answer. She now said “カピバラ - capybara.” 

(This is a capybara.)File:Capybara Hattiesburg Zoo (70909b-42) 2560x1600.jpg


Her unusual answer made me interested in cute/funny animals. Let’s look at some now!

 Please vote on your personal favorite!













Thanks for reading and voting!

– Andy and Kaho-chan



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