On the Way to Osaka…

March 2, 2011

KEY WORDS: had the/a chance to ~する機会があった,   be held by (hold) v. 開催される, 

find something interesting  何か楽しいことを見つける,  another 別の、もう一つの,

 publisher n. 出版社,  found v. 創立する,   phonics n. フォニックス(音とつづりの関係), 

 on the way to ~へ行く途中で, embarrassing adj. 恥ずかしい

Hello! How are you? I’m good because it is a very sunny day today, (but still a little cold.)


This month, Kaho and I had a chance to attend 2 teaching seminars in Osaka.

The first one was held by Oxford University Press and the topic was teaching English to Japanese children.                          We found the seminar very interesting and got a lot of new ideas.  We can’t wait to use them in class.

Last week was another seminar, but this one was held by a different publisher, McGraw Hill. 小学校英語The main speaker was Yoko Matsuka. She spoke in English and was very funny and interesting. She is an experienced ELT (English Language Teacher) and founded the Matsuka Phonics Institute. We use their DVD in class often.


Have you seen Active Phonics in our class?                                  フォニックスのルールDVD  If not, please ask us to show you.


These seminars are helpful for teachers but, of course, the publishers hope to sell their books, CDs, DVDs and cards.

We bought some books. Can you find Kaho in this picture?


I didn’t bring my new camera, so I was using my old one. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get any good pictures! 😦

Actually, the view from the Yomiuri Building 読売ビル in Osaka was very cool. I took this picture in the bathroom. That big window was facing the sinks. I had to be fast because it was a little embarrassing!











On the way to Osaka I did get one great movie. Have you seen the Meiji chocolate factory in Takatsuki? Cool、isn’t it?

Thanks for reading!

– Andy and Kaho


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