March 23, 2011

Key Words: pack v. 荷造りする, setting n. 環境, provide v. 供給する,

cardboard box n. 段ボール箱, let v. ~させる, whole 全体の、すべての

Hello again. How is everyone? We are busy packing our things and getting ready to move!

We are very excited to have  a new place and a better space for classrooms. We hope our students will be happy in our new setting.

We’ve had some good memories here at the old house, but we are ready to move into a little bigger house. \(^0^)/


When you are moving, you need boxes.

I heard that some of the moving companies provide cardboard boxes for free. We are moving by ourselves so we needed to find them. We started asking some local shops if we could take their boxes. SATY was very friendly and gave us boxes.

But we needed more!

So, we also asked Lawson100 and they were also friendly and let us take some  boxes.

Right now, our whole world is boxes!

These are two of my favorite boxes. I was happy to find these interesting patterns printed on them.


We will not have  the internet connection next week so I will NOT be posting a blog. Please read this one again next week! Ha, ha!

Thank you for understanding.

– Andrew and Kahoru

STUDENTS: If you have any questions about own new location please contact us.


p.s. I thought this picture was funny…it’s my grumpy kiwi!

Support for Japan

March 16, 2011

KEYWORDS:earthquake n. 地震, thoughts n. 思い、心,

XOXOX  XはキスOはハグの意味で、手紙の最後などによく(女性が)使います,

brother n. 兄弟、でもここでは男同志の親友に対して使う親しみをこめた言葉です,

whatever ~は何でも, prayer n.祈り,  proud adj. 誇りに思う, organized adj. きちんとした,

disaster n. 災害, hardworking adj. 真面目な、勤勉な

Last Friday, Japan experienced a very serious earthquake and then a tsunami. Since then there have been many sad and scary images of the damage in the East and North of Japan.



 We have had so much bad news recently, so we wanted to share these messages of support from our friends and family in America.

“You are in my thoughts! I am so glad to hear you are ok. XOXOX” – Melanie, 28



“Glad you are safe, brother.” – Sonny, 28




“I’m thinking of you and Kahoru often. Take care.” – Kara, 36


“You and all of Japan has been on my mind since we heard the news. Thank God you are all ok.  I will do whatever I can from far away…” – Diane, 50


“I hope you and your family are safe, Kahoru. My prayers are with Japan.” – Janelle, 30



There are many groups and many people, from many countries, who want to support Japan.

There is one group that is called CRASH.  The name means Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope. They are much smaller than the Red Cross日本赤十字社, but they try to offer help and to  bring hope  to people in bad situations. Hope is so important in a terrible situation like this.


I feel proud of the many Americans I know who offered help and support from their hearts. And of course, I also feel proud of the Japanese because of how organized they were during the disaster

The Japanese people are hardworking and I know this country will become strong once again!

Please leave you thoughts and comments about anything in (English or 日本語!)

– Andrew and Kahoru

KEY WORDS: birthplace n. 誕生した場所, meow n. ニャーオ(猫のなき声), cute/ adorable/ darling adj. かわいい、とてもかわいい, cavity n. 虫歯, universally adv. 普遍的に, since ~なので, unusual adj. 珍しい, vote v. 投票する.

Hello! How is everyone? We’re fine.


Japan: the wonderful birthplace of the samurai, sushi, the shinkansen and Hello Kitty.  Meow!

One powerful force in modern Japan is kawaii culture.

We have many words in English for kawaii かわいい (cute, adorable, darling…) but かわいい is more than just a word. 

When I first came to Japan, I was often shocked by how cute everything was. I was worried that things were too sweet here and I was going to get a cavity! (Sorry, This is a bad joke I like to say.) I would love to write a blog all about it one day, but today I wanted to talk about something universally charming. Something so powerfully cute, even Benkei (弁慶)would say: “That is sooooo cute!” 「かわい~~~}

Baby animals.

Recently I asked my young student, “What’s your favorite animal?” She said “Alpaca – アルパカ” I thought it was very funny since children usually say “I like lions, rabbits, and koalas.” The next week, however, she had changed her answer. She now said “カピバラ - capybara.” 

(This is a capybara.)File:Capybara Hattiesburg Zoo (70909b-42) 2560x1600.jpg


Her unusual answer made me interested in cute/funny animals. Let’s look at some now!

 Please vote on your personal favorite!













Thanks for reading and voting!

– Andy and Kaho-chan


On the Way to Osaka…

March 2, 2011

KEY WORDS: had the/a chance to ~する機会があった,   be held by (hold) v. 開催される, 

find something interesting  何か楽しいことを見つける,  another 別の、もう一つの,

 publisher n. 出版社,  found v. 創立する,   phonics n. フォニックス(音とつづりの関係), 

 on the way to ~へ行く途中で, embarrassing adj. 恥ずかしい

Hello! How are you? I’m good because it is a very sunny day today, (but still a little cold.)


This month, Kaho and I had a chance to attend 2 teaching seminars in Osaka.

The first one was held by Oxford University Press and the topic was teaching English to Japanese children.                          We found the seminar very interesting and got a lot of new ideas.  We can’t wait to use them in class.

Last week was another seminar, but this one was held by a different publisher, McGraw Hill. 小学校英語The main speaker was Yoko Matsuka. She spoke in English and was very funny and interesting. She is an experienced ELT (English Language Teacher) and founded the Matsuka Phonics Institute. We use their DVD in class often.


Have you seen Active Phonics in our class?                                  フォニックスのルールDVD  If not, please ask us to show you.


These seminars are helpful for teachers but, of course, the publishers hope to sell their books, CDs, DVDs and cards.

We bought some books. Can you find Kaho in this picture?


I didn’t bring my new camera, so I was using my old one. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get any good pictures! 😦

Actually, the view from the Yomiuri Building 読売ビル in Osaka was very cool. I took this picture in the bathroom. That big window was facing the sinks. I had to be fast because it was a little embarrassing!











On the way to Osaka I did get one great movie. Have you seen the Meiji chocolate factory in Takatsuki? Cool、isn’t it?

Thanks for reading!

– Andy and Kaho