Studying English with Websites

February 23, 2011

Key words: plum n. 梅、 blossom v. 咲く,  be filled with ~でいっぱい, scary adj.怖い,

brave adj.勇敢な, 形容詞 enough to v ~するのに十分に形容詞,

handle v. 処理する、取り組む, current adj.今の、今やっている, opposite n.反対語

Hello! How are you? The weather has been great recently. The days are getting longer. The plum trees are starting to blossom. The birds are singing happier songs.  And the  park by my house is always filled with children.


So, the title of this blog post is “Studying English with Websites” and I know the first word (“studying”) and the last word (“websites”) can be scary for some people! But I think  you are brave enough to handle this post.

Studying should not be stressful.

Of course, we have to do homework and try to remember things, but sometimes we have to dosomething new so we remember how to learn and have fun; English websites can be a nice change.


If you study with us you may use a book. We use many Oxford University Press books.

American Headway is one book we use.

Their new companion website seems interesting. Are you using this book? Why not try a short activity (or game)  for your current unit?

AMERICAN HEADWAY Student Site Simply choose your Unit color and choose an activity.

PASSPORT is another popular book. 

The book comes with a CD-ROM with the activities, but if you’ve never used them, give them a try! PASSPORT (Original PASSPORT only)

They also have a test site where you can choose your units you would like to try. (I guess, this doesn’t sound like fun…) PASSPORT tests 日本語


If your book does not have a website you can find another. For example, there are many kinds of online games for English learners. I found one that looks simple but  interesting. It is a matching game with opposites. You can choose your level and match the opposite words.

You can choose your leve below:

*Level 1 (Easy)     ** Level 2     *** Level 3 (Medium)  **** Level 4      ***** Level 5 (Difficult)

And here is the main website: English Club – Matching Game


I hope you have a chance to try one of these sites. Please let us know if you enjoy it or have any questions!

Do you know any good websites to study English?

Thanks for reading!

– Andy and Kaho


7 Responses to “Studying English with Websites”

  1. Mayumi said

    I tried to the maching game with opposites.
    First was very happy, but my English not so good
    it so difficult for me that the level went up.
    I’ll try again.
    Thank you.

    • Mayumi,
      Thanks for your comment! We are always happy when you tell us what you think.
      Sorry it was difficult. Try again until your level goes up to the highest!
      We will help you.
      Andrew and Kahoru

  2. yuuko said

    I’m so impressed with ‘English club’ ,it is very useful and fun for me when I study English by myself.
    Anything else? and next time when I meet you, don’t be surprised at ME! I’ll be ‘native speaker of English !!

    • Yuuko, we’re happy you enjoyed the site. I can’t wait to hear your Native speech next time we meet. Will you have an American accent or British, Aussie, etc…?
      Maybe American? 🙂
      There are many, many more online games but I have not played most of them. I think it is better to use just the same one for as long as you can. If it becomes boring, find a new one.
      Thanks for the comment!
      Andrew and Kahoru

  3. yuuko said

    I forgot ‘please’ before ‘don’t be surprised…’

  4. yuuko said

    maybe…my accent will be ‘Afrikanns!’

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