February 16, 2011

Key Words: comic book n. マンガ , of all time 今までの , childhood n. 幼年時代 , where were we? (phrase) あれ??何の話してたっけ?, dressed as v. ~に変装して, utility belt n. 変身ベルト, Blu-Ray n. ブルーレイ, just okay (OK) adj. まあまあ、ふつう,

Hello again!

What’s that in the sky?! It’s a bird!… It’s a plane!… It’s Superman!


Superman is one of the most famous comic book heroes of all time and for many people, the Superman movies are a nice childhood memory. I think most boys (and maybe girls, too) have put on bright red underwear, tied a towel around their neck, climbed up on a shelf, and jumped off. We all hoped that maybe we could fly.

I wish I had a photo of myself like that, but I don’t. I remember, though, a picture of my sister, Cody, dressed as a superhero. It’s probably my favorite picture of her.

Please note the many essential tools for crime-fighting in her utility belt!




Anyway, where were we…? Oh yeah!

We were talking about Superman.

They made a new Superman movie in 2006 called Superman Returns. We watched the movie last week. We were very excited because we rented the Blu-Ray disc and it is the first Blu-Ray movie we’ve watched. The picture was beautiful. But the new movie was just okay. I definitely think the older ones (for example Superman, 1978) were much better. Kahoru thinks the new Superman is “cuter” though. (I mean, he’s cuter than the old Superman, not me, of course…)

Fresh Superman

Classic Superman


Sliced Bread Superman


Comic-book movies are very popular; which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

– Andyman and Kaho-chan


2 Responses to “Superman”

  1. Cody said

    In my belt: two dolls (sidekicks) and a ruler! The new Superman may be cuter, but he lacks personality.

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