the Super Bowl

February 9, 2011

KEY WORDS: national anthem n. 国歌 , nacho chips, コーンチップス, salsa n. サルサソース , pay attention n. 注目する, commercial n. CM, celebrity  n. 有名人,half-time show n. ハーフタイムショー ,boring adj. つまらない,familiar adj よく知っている.

Hello. How are you all? We’re OK, enjoying the warmer weather and longer days.


Last week was a big event for sports fans in America.

The American Football championship, the Super Bowl, was held last Sunday night!

We had a chance to watch it at our friend’s house here in Japan.

Before the game the American National Anthem is sung by someone famous.

This year was Christina Aguilera.

Snacks and drinks are always enjoyed during the game. We had nacho chips with salsa and English muffin Mexican pizzas!

English, Mexican and Italian food, but I think that’s very American!

In America, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest night for television all year, this year had 111,000,000 viewers! 


Many, many Americans watch the game,

but some are not so interested in football. Actually, I didn’t watch football very much in the US but I think I always paid attention during the Super Bowl. For many people the commercials are most important part of the game!  The biggest companies like Pepsi, beer producer Budweiser, and car companies spend millions of dollars making funny commercials.

There are always many commercials with celebrities and interesting surprises, but this year’s funniest commercial  was probably Volkswagen’s. Here it is:

The half-time show is exciting for some people (although I never like it… I think it’s usually boring.) This year The Black Eyed Peas performed with special guests Slash, (guitarist from Guns ‘N Roses) and Usher, (a famous R&B singer).



American football can be difficult to understand at first, but it is an interesting game. I think Kaho is not familiar with football and was not so interested in the game. Maybe next year she will enjoy it a little more… or maybe just the snacks!

Have you ever seen or played in a football game?

Thanks for reading!

– Andy and Kaho


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