American Sign Language

February 2, 2011

KEY WORDS:decide v. 決める, since  ~なので, even ~でさえ , based on~, ~にもとづいて, guess v. あてる

Hello. How are you? We’re doing fine.


Recently, we decided to teach a few simple hand signs in our kid’s classes. There is a lot of research that says young children, even babies!, can learn faster by gesturing or signing.

Since St. Valentine’s Day is coming we are teaching the sign “I LOVE YOU”. Here is the sign:  

It’s based on the letters “I”, “L”, and “Y” from the phrase I Love You.


If you are interested in learning the American Sign Language ABC’s I found this great website that has a video and a song. I think it’s for children, but it’s a good one. (Actually, English speaking countries don’t always use the same signs. I found out that American Sign Language and British Sign Language are very different. That’s too bad!)


 Here is a simple sign language test for you.

Can you guess what these signs are? (HINT: they are all animals.)






Did you guess?

The answers are: A. gorilla B. fish C. elephant D. cat E. goat

Thanks for reading.

Andy and Kaho


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