Big Market

January 26, 2011

KEY WORDS: make sure  v.確かめる , swirling adj. 渦の, steam n. 蒸気,

Japanese white radish n. 大根 , end up v.行き着く, almost * ~しそうになる ,

birdcage n. 鳥かご,
Hello. How are you doing?

Yesterday Kaho and I went to the Antique Flea Market (骨董市)in Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine, Northern Kyoto. Our friend planned a fun day for us. Thank you very much!


First we had lunch at a nice tempura restaurant.

Kaho and I both love tempura, (I think everyone does!) Everything was delicious and I made sure to take a few pictures. Here’s lunch:

 This picture has cool swirling effect from the steam off the soup!


















This was very interesting. The young chef was very carefully cutting a Japanese white radish (大根 daikon) into a long, thin piece! I took a few pictures and I think I made him a little nervous. Sorry! 🙂  Cutting the radish like this is part of their training.


Next, we went to the market.

We decided to look for a gift for my dad; His birthday is coming soon! And of course, we were looking for something fun for Kaho and me.

My dad likes funny things, like monkey toys. Last year, when we visited him this was how his living room was decorated.

So, I was hoping to find something old and unique at the market. Actually, we didn’t end up buying him anything. (Although, I almost bought a little plastic robot that walks. It looked like this: )

Sorry, Dad, maybe next time…


But Kaho did get one thing: A birdcage!

We don’t have a bird, and we don’t want a bird. Just the cage, thank you. We thought we might use it as decoration, she wants to put a plant in it.

Have you ever been to a big antique flea market? What do you like buying at them? Food, handmade things, antiques, robots, birdcages? Please leave a comment.


Thanks for reading!

– Andy and Kaho


3 Responses to “Big Market”

  1. Cody said

    I like to buy prepared food, fresh produce and/or original art. Why didn’t you get the robot? It would have been very warmly received by one James C. Watson, Esq.

  2. Mayumi said

    Cody-san, I’m of the same opinion. Why didn’t buy the robot? It seems interesting.
    I want to see the birdcage.
    Please show me some time.

  3. Codyu and Mayumi,
    I know, i should have bought the robot. Sorry. It’s just that it was very small and 2800yen! I think you are supposed to negotiate with these people but I was too embarrassed.
    Actually, Kaho finally asked the woman for a discount on the birdcage; It worked! She gave us a 500yen discount. Maybe I will try it on the robot-woman next time…

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