January 19, 2011

Keywords;puppet n. 操り人形, fascinating adj. 魅力的な, master n. 達人,

puppeteer n. 操り人形師,  be in control  制御、コントロールする 

lifelike adj. 生きているみたい memorable adj. 記憶に残る, puppetry n. 人形劇, 

spark v. 刺激する, coordinate v. 協力する

Hello, again!

Recently a student told me that she went to a Bunraku show. I didn’t really know what Bunraku was, but now I know it is traditional Japanese puppet show.

Actually, puppets can be quite fascinating. The look like dolls but if a master puppeteer is in control they seem very lifelike.

Have you ever seen a bunraku performance?


Most people probably haven’t seen a Bunraku perfromance. There are many examples of puppets in Pop culture.

There is a memorable scene in The Sound of Music with puppets.

And Jim Henson,a famous American puppeteer, made unique and interesting characters for Sesame Street.









Stories like Pinocchio, and more recently the movie, Being John Malkovich – マルコヴィッチの穴 , show how puppetry seems like magic and sparks our imagination.












Bunraku uses 3 puppeteers!  The must be very difficult to coordinate.


Thanks for reading.

– Andrew and Kahoru


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