Christmas (A few weeks late!)

January 12, 2011

KEY WORDS: still adv. まだ,  able to ~できる,  especially  adv. 特に,  actually adv. 実は,

 dressed as ~に変装した, stick v.つける, reindeer n.トナカイ, service  n. サービス、礼拝,

show v. 見せる ,  personal adj. 自分の, go well  うまくいく, too (adj.)~ to ~(v.) ~すぎて~できない,

quite adv. かなり,


Hello. How is everyone?

It’s so cold this time of year. I always start dreaming about the warm, beautiful days of Spring after Christmas…

Can you remember spring?!


Anyway, it’s still winter and we haven’t told you about our Christmas yet. So, let’s start with our Adult Students’ Party.

*To everyone who was able to have lunch with us at the Italian restaurantlogo :

Thank you for joining us!

The food, especially the pizza, was very good.

We played a game of BINGO and enjoyed 9 kinds of dessert. Actually, the dessert plate looks a little like BINGO!

But the staff did not want us to stay past 1:00, so we had to eat and leave quickly!

Here is Piccollo Mondo Yamada’s website:


The Kid’s party was also a lot of fun.

We dressed as Santa and Mrs. Santa.


We made a lot of sugar cookies and then decorated them with the children.


After that, we played games outside in the park by our house. One game used a red paper nose that you stick to your face.

We looked like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


And of course, at my church here in Muko city, there was a special Christmas service. (IGM Church 日本語

I made a slide show with photographs of the church, inside and outside.

The church is simple, not really a “beautiful” building. But the pictures show the members personal connection with the church.

We played the slide show and perfromed live music over it. I played bass guitar. 

I think it went well!


The slide show is about 10 minutes. If you would like to watch, in Japanese, please click here. *Christmas Slide Show*


We finished our Christmas by staying home and relaxing.

We were too tired to cook so we ordered pizza. (We ate a lot of pizza in December…)

I showed this picture to my friends and family in America and they really liked it. I think they were surprised that he looks so happy to be Rudolph, delivering pizza on a cold Christmas night! I think American pizza delivery boys would NOT look quite so happy…


Thanks for reading!

– Andrew and Kahoru


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