Happy New Year!

January 6, 2011

Keywords: actually adv. 実際は, meal n. 食事, bowling n. ボーリング, admire v. めでる,

 photograph v. 写真をとる, close adj. 近い, common adj. 普通の、当たり前の,

  amazing adj. 素晴らしい, cover v. 覆う, partially adv. 部分的に,

cooperate v. 協力する,  closely adv. 近くで, classic adj. 古典的、由緒正しい, 

 profound adj. 深みのある sunrise n. 日の出,  although conj. ~とはいえ, 

 immediately adv. すぐに, afterward adv. あとで, meaningful adj. 意味のある


Did you have a nice New Year holiday? Actually, many people feel that “vacations” are sometimes busier than our working week!

Kaho and I went to Shizuoka to stay with Kaho’s parents & sisters. We had many nice, big meals and even went bowling together. I was also busy with my camera.


We have been to Shizuoka many times but I have never had a good chance to admire or photograph the famous Mount Fuji. This mountain is, of course, in Shizuoka. I think for Kaho, and people who are born so close, the mountain is a little common place, so she was not as excited as I was to see it.

This time, Kaho’s parents took me to get some nice pictures.

Here is one of the first clear shots of Mt. Fuji from the road. Amazing , isn’t it?


But we got much closer and I was happy to get these nice photos.

Mt. Fuji is often covered, or partially covered, by clouds. It can be difficult to take a clear picture. But on this day the clouds cooperated… a little!

In this picture, if you look closely, you can see that these children have the chance to practice soccer in front of Fuji.


A nice black and white photo looks classic and profound.


On New Year’s morning, I had a chance to get the sunrise near Kahoru’s parents’ house. We did not go to Fuji, (although on the TV news I saw that many people did!)

 The first sunrise of the year is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings and hope.

 It was VERY cold and we had to wake up VERY early! Immediately afterward, a nice hot cup of coffee was also very meaningful to me!

Have a happy New Year!

– Andy and Kaho


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Cody said

    Awesome photos! Especially the first sunrise/moon photo.

  2. Thanks, Cody.
    Isn’t that a killer-diller picture? I almost killed my battery before the sun actually rose…

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