2010 Our Top 5 News!

December 22, 2010

Key Words: upcoming adj. 来る、これからやってくる, relieved adj. 安心した,  

come out v. できあがる,  might  かもしれない, hand-printed adj. 手で印刷した,

 interest n. 興味, almost adv. ほとんど,   be into~  ~に夢中になる,  

memorable adj. 思い出深い,  unforgettable adj.  忘れられない

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

We are busy preparing for our upcoming Christmas parties.

But we just finished making Kids Music Video this morning. So we are relieved now.

It came out really good, I think, and we might try another one next year. 🙂 (Kaho hand-printed the cover.)


2011 is coming soon; So, we would like to write about our news this year.


NO. 5 Started our monthly newsletter (June) and this blog (March).

It has been fun for us and we hope you are enjoying them, too!

NO. 4  Andy’s new Canon KISS camera and interest in making slideshows.

We have been using the new camera almost every day. Andy is into making slideshows and he made several this year, some were posted on this blog.

NO. 3 Kaho’s trip to Setouchi Art Festival with her sisters.

We were lucky enough to take a few memorable trips this year, (Hamamatsu and Kinosaki Onsen) but Kaho’s trip to Naoshima with her sisters was very special because it was the 3 Otani girls first time to travel together without parents, etc.

NO. 2 Our nephew, Max, was born in October!

He is two months old now. He is a very healthy baby and brought us a lot of happiness!

NO. 1 Honeymoon in USA in March!

It was an unforgettable trip. We met Andy’s family and friends for the first time in 4 or 5 years. We had so much fun.


We would like to hear about YOUR big events of 2010.

Please comment on this post about anything special this year!

– Andrew and Kahoru


2 Responses to “2010 Our Top 5 News!”

  1. Cody said

    4. Moved to Texas
    3. Discovered Texas is a silly place, afterall.
    2. Made plans to move from Texas.
    1. Missed Andy and Kaho all year long!

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