December 15, 2010


Keywords; quite adv. かなり, cooked adj. 料理された, wonder v. 不思議に思う,  

difference n. 違い ,  texture n. 食感,  similar adj. 似ている, taste n. 味 ,  flavor n. 風味, 

 thaw v. 解凍する,  refrigerator n. 冷蔵庫, rinse v. 洗う, melted butter n. 溶かしバター,

 breast meat  n. 胸肉,  skin n. 皮, all over adv. 全体に, place v. 置く, aluminum foil n. アルミ箔,

temperature n. 温度, degree n. 度, cook through v. きちんと料理する, enough adj. 十分な,

on time adv. 間に合って, separate v. 分ける , uncooked adj . 料理されていない,

 combination n. 組み合わせ, コンビネーション, savory food n. (甘くない、スパイスのきいた)おいしい食事, 

 leftover n. 残り物, hopefully adv. 願わくば,

Hello, everyone!

Like we said before, we are going to write about turkey today.

First of all, do you know what turkeys look like?

I guess most Japanese people have never seen or eaten one.

So, here is a picture of the real bird.

I know, it is quite big, right?


And this is a picture of cooked one!

Many of you probably wonder what is the difference between a chicken and a turkey is.

Well, the texture is very similar, but the taste is different. Turkeys are much bigger and have a sort of “WILD ‘MEAT’ flavor, I think.


Anyway , we cooked one last Sunday for the first time!

First, we thawed it in our small refrigerator for two days.

On Sunday, we took it out and opened the package.

Then, we rinsed it and put melted butter, fresh rosemary and thyme between the breast meat and the skin.

Finally, after putting vegetable oil all over, we placed the turkey on the baking plate and covered it with aluminum foil.

Our turkey is not so big, but our oven is very small! 

We cooked it at a high temperature (240 degrees) for 20 minutes and later at a low temperature (120 degrees) for 4 hours.

However, after 4 hours of cooking, it wasn’t cooked through!!! 😦

Probably because our oven was too small and wasn’t hot enough or something.

So we couldn’t bring it to our party on time


We opened the foil and separated the cooked part and the uncooked part.

We brought the cooked part to the party later.


Also, we made cranberry sauce.  I (Kahoru) don’t usually  like the combination of savory food and sweet fruit, but this sauce is really good with turkey.

Yesterday, we cooked turkey soup from the leftover meat and bones.

And today, we made turkey sandwiches for lunch. Yummy!


The turkey was very delicious! Next year we want to cook one again, hopefully with a bigger oven!

Thank you for reading.

– Andy and Kaho


2 Responses to “Turkey!!!”

  1. 3きっず said

    今日はお疲れ様でした。すごぉい!!めちゃ おいしそう♪ アンドリューに 作りにきてほしいです☆
    amebaのパーティー次回は 3月予定だそうです!!
    先生 専用のブログ 楽しみにしてますね☆


    • Thank you for the comment! おいしかったですよー!でももっと大きなオーブンが必要です:(
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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