Oh my goodness!!!!!

December 8, 2010

KEYWORDS: scary adj. 怖い, experience n. 経験, anniversary n. 結婚記念日,

turn off v. 電源を切る,  turn on v. 電源を入れる,  suddenly adv. 突然, without  ~なしに

signal n. サイン、信号,  normally adv.普通に, fix v.直す,  nightmare n. 悪夢,

kindly adv.親切に,  during  prep. ~の間, static n. 静電気, patiently adv. 落ち着いて,

explain v.説明する,  Thank goodness!  lit. 感謝です。/よっかた Phew! はあー!(安心のためいきの音)


Hello, everyone.

Last night, we had a very scary experience with our computer.

Andrew was working all day on the computer, making a slide show for someone’s 50th anniversary.  And he was also working on our kids’ music video for Christmas.

Around 11pm, he turned off the computer and took a shower.

After that, he turned on the computer again to do one more thing before going to bed.










 Suddenly the computer didn’t work! The screen was just black, without any signals. We didn’t know what was happening!

We went to bed anyway because it was late and we hoped that maybe it would work normally in the morning.


It didn’t work, again.

OH NO!!!! 

Was the computer broken?

Do we have to send this computer to be fixed?

Did we lose  all our files!?

…..It would be a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Can you imagine how scary it was???? We were starting to panic!!!!




















We called the Gateway maintenance office early this morning.

The lady on the phone kindly taught us that this happens a lot during the winter because of the static and she patiently explained how to fix the problem.

It was very simple. We didn’t lose our files. Everything was OK!

Thank goodness!!!!!



Thanks for reading!

– Kaho and Andrew


6 Responses to “Oh my goodness!!!!!”

  1. Mr Masa said

    So, how did you fix the problem?

    • We just called the Gateway maintenance office. It was really easy. We took all the cables out and pressed the power buttons on the computer and the screen for 10 seconds. This surprisingly easy process lets the static out of the computer, according to the lady at the office. I (Kahoru) was in panic and a little skeptical about the files on our computer, but everything turned out fine!

  2. YURIKO said

    My PC was infected with a virus of YOUTUBE once.
    And an HDD was smashed
    All the files lost it, too
    I lost the album for 480 pieces which I collected
    That fear is not still forgotten
    The file of the teacher did not disappear and was good.

    • Thanks for the message, Yuriko.
      That’s too bad about your files…
      Computers are great for many reasons, but they have a bad side.
      Keep your computer safe!

    • Yuriko-san,
      Wow! That is scary!!! Too bad about your files and songs:(
      Thanks for the message anyway. We are always happy to hear from students!
      Please check our new post and leave comment again!!

  3. Cody said

    More good phrases to teach in this situation:

    “Oh my stars!”
    “Oh my lands!”

    Your students could sound like old ladies from the 30s!

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