Christmas is coming!

December 1, 2010

Key Words:that means ということは, advent  adj. 待降節の, official adj. 公式の, prepare v. 準備する, application n. 申し込み, seat n. 席, available adj. 空いている、利用できる, To-Do-list n. やることリスト, huge adj. 巨大な,  invite v. 招待する,  pretzel n. プレッツェル(お菓子の名前), candy cane n. 杖の形をした縞模様の飴, turkey n.七面鳥, potluck n. 持ち寄り, for the first time adv. 初めて, future n. 未来, look forward to it! 楽しみにしていてね!    

Hello everyone!

Today is December 1st! That means we have to open one day on our Christmas advent calendar! (Thanks to Y-san)

That means the official countdown has started! Yea!!

Are you excited? Yes, we are!

We have already been preparing for Christmas little by little! But there is so much more to do!!!!

(TO STUDENTS: Remember, we are going to have an Adult Party on the 23rd and Kids Party on 25th. Application is from today to next Tuesdaythat’s December 6th, 2010! Check your monthly newsletter for details.  Already only a few seats are still available, so please let us know soon!)


One of the most important things on our Christmas To-do-List  is SHOPPING!!!

So, we went to Costco yesterday to buy some food.  Costco is a huge membership supermarket from America. They have a lot of food from America, but also from Japan. You have to be a member to shop there, but each member can invite 2 friends. (So, if you are interested in going there, let’s go together!!) 

*First, we bought some butter. This is for the cookies and cakes that we are going to bake!

**Second, we bought pretzels and candy canes. These are for the Kids Party.











***Third, we bought a TURKEY! This is for the potluck party at the church. Actually, we are going to cook turkey for the first time! We don’t know if our oven is big enough…

We will post about the future of this turkey soon! Please look forward to it!!


Thank you for reading!

– Kaho and Andy


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