Bazaar! Part 1

November 18, 2010

Keywords:  notice v. 気づく, loyal adj. 忠実な, labor n. 労働, 

 hold v. 開催する, bazaar n. バザー, similar adj. 似たような,


Sorry, I’m a day late in posting this! I usually post on Wednesday night. If you noticed, thank you for being such an loyal reader!


Next Tuesday, November 23rd, is a Japanese holiday.  勤労感謝の日。 A Japanese Labor Thanksgiving day (info). Do you have any special plans with your family or friends? Or maybe you have to work! That ‘s too bad…

Many people in Japan love looking at the Autumn leaves changing color. (


If you are in Muko city on Tuesday the Immanuel Church is holding a bazaar from  1:00-4:00. (info)

It should be a lot of fun. There will be new and used things to buy, and some sweets from a nice cafe called Cafe Triangle in Yamashina.  There will be some things for children, too.

Everything will be a reasonable price!

And Kaho has made some special Christmas cards.

Someone made this bracelet. Very cool! There will be similar accessories at the bazaar.


Kaho and Andy will be there helping.

Hope to see you there!

– Andrew and Kaho

p.s. this is something I made… Only 20 yen each!


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