Chicken Feet Soup Stock

November 10, 2010

Key Words: recommend v.  推薦する, stock n. スープのもと , gelatin n.ゼラチン collagen n. , recently adv.最近 , honestly adv. 本当に, gross adj.気持ち悪い


A student recommended chicken feet in soup. We have never had it and it sounded interesting. Yesterday, we made chicken stock from the feet. The chicken feet have a lot of gelatin or collagen and this is good for your skin, so recently many women are interested in this. And the chicken feet are very cheap; just 100 yen for a whole bag!

Honestly, it was a little gross.

Please watch this short video about making soup stock!

Thanks for reading!

– Andrew and KAhoru


5 Responses to “Chicken Feet Soup Stock”

  1. torimama said

    Did you like it?

  2. torimama said

    Andew and Kaho



    • Torimama,
      P.S.ボクの変な日本語 すみません!

  3. […] the bazaar, we cleaned up the church and ate NABE with the bazaar staff. We put chicken feet soup stock  in there. It was delicious and we all feel beautiful […]

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