Kids Halloween Party 2010

November 4, 2010

KEY WORDS: crowded adj.人で混みあった、混雑した ,  preparation n. 準備 pirate n. 海賊,  fairy n.妖精 , variation n. 種類、変化,  look like ~ ~のように見える


We had a nice Halloween party on Saturday. We were so happy that many children wanted to come, but our house is too small! A scary Halloween is fun, but not a crowded Halloween! We used the big room at the Immanuel church in Muko City.

 Thank you to everyone who helped and came to our party!


Kaho did a lot of preparation.

She made cookies:






And decorated snacks:


At the party we made Halloween costumes.

Kaho and I went as pirates! I took the idea from “Pirates of the Carribean”, of course. Do we look like Jack Sparrow?

The children had some choices. The Boys could be a robot, a pirate, or a monster/The girls could be a witch, a cat, or a fairy. Actually, ALL of the boys were pirates! But the girls had more variation.

This was a Toilet Paper Mummy game. Very fun and very funny!

Three shy witches.



We finished by eating sweets, well it is Halloween! And by watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This movie was a hit with the children! They all know Michael Jackson and seem to like this video.

If you have any Halloween pictures from this year, please send them to me and I can post them on this blog!

Happy Halloween!

– Andrew and Kaho


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