Baby Max

October 27, 2010

Key Words: As you may know ご存じの通り , all the time  いつも、ずっと, 

for example  たとえば, several いくつかの, health care system n. 健康保険制度,

comfortable  adj. 楽な, home birth n. 自宅出産 , rare adj. 珍しい, own  自分の,

Hello again.

Nice family picture

As you may know, last Saturday my older brother, Jake, and his wife, Jenny, had their second baby. He is the first boy baby in the family.

His name is Max Arthur Watson. Happy birthday, Max, and welcome to the family!

He is very healthy and we are all so happy.

I asked my brother to send my some pictures and he said, “he just sleeps all the time, so the pictures all look the same.”


I think in the US, having a baby is a different experience than in Japan. For example, mothers often go home from the hospital quickly, after several days. One reason is that a hospital is expensive and the US has a different health care system than Japan. Another reason is that mother’s usually feel more comfortable at home. In fact, some women even have the baby at home, a home birth!  It is a little rare but actually, my younger sister was born at our house with no doctor or nurses!

And when Mommy and Baby are back home from the hospital or clinic they might sleep in the same bedroom for a little while.  But after a few months the baby will probably get its’ own room. My brother’s house is big so Anna and Max have different rooms!  

(*In Max’s room there is a bed. This is not his bed; it is a guest bed.)


Baby Max: Halloween Edition. Of course, he's sleeping...

Thanks for reading!

– Andrew and Kahoru


3 Responses to “Baby Max”

  1. yoko minamizawa said

    Max is very cute!
    I think it is different to bring up America and Japan.
    In America , the individualism is important.But in japan,a group(company,family) is important.
    I remembered that I enjoyed hospital’s life and felt relaxed.After leaving from hospital,I was busy.

    • Yoko,
      Thanks for the comment. That is a good point about different cultures. I had to share a room with my brother for a long time. It was OK, but I think most people have their own rooms in the US.
      You were busy at home with the new baby?! Oh no!The hospital must have been more comfortable for you than your house.


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