October 6, 2010

KEYWORDS: probably adv. おそらく, chat  n. v. チャット、チャットする, buy (bought)  v. 買う、買った, cool  adj. 素晴らしい、かっこいい, cost v. (お金が)かかる,

 for the first time 初めて, another adj. 別の, be able to~ ~することができる,  show off v.  自慢する , stuff n. 物


If you are reading this blog right now, you can probably use a computer. Do you have email? Have you ever joined an internet chat?

Yesterday I bought something cool; it is a webcam.

I bought an Elecom UCAM-DL200HBK camera. It costs about ¥4,400.

I can use it to chat with video on the internet with my family in America, or anywhere! For example, I talked with my 2 sisters this morning and I saw their apartment for the first time! It is so fun to see their faces when we talk. The video is good quality and the service is free! Wow!

That’s my sister, Cody, on the computer.


It’s very cool to be able to talk to someone in another country. 

Here we are showing off some stuff.


I took a short video of my British friend, Gareth, in Kanagawa and I talking.

 The video-chat is called “skype.” Do you use skype? Let’s try it together and study English on skype!


Thanks for reading!

Andrew and Kahoru


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