Baby Max

October 27, 2010

Key Words: As you may know ご存じの通り , all the time  いつも、ずっと, 

for example  たとえば, several いくつかの, health care system n. 健康保険制度,

comfortable  adj. 楽な, home birth n. 自宅出産 , rare adj. 珍しい, own  自分の,

Hello again.

Nice family picture

As you may know, last Saturday my older brother, Jake, and his wife, Jenny, had their second baby. He is the first boy baby in the family.

His name is Max Arthur Watson. Happy birthday, Max, and welcome to the family!

He is very healthy and we are all so happy.

I asked my brother to send my some pictures and he said, “he just sleeps all the time, so the pictures all look the same.”


I think in the US, having a baby is a different experience than in Japan. For example, mothers often go home from the hospital quickly, after several days. One reason is that a hospital is expensive and the US has a different health care system than Japan. Another reason is that mother’s usually feel more comfortable at home. In fact, some women even have the baby at home, a home birth!  It is a little rare but actually, my younger sister was born at our house with no doctor or nurses!

And when Mommy and Baby are back home from the hospital or clinic they might sleep in the same bedroom for a little while.  But after a few months the baby will probably get its’ own room. My brother’s house is big so Anna and Max have different rooms!  

(*In Max’s room there is a bed. This is not his bed; it is a guest bed.)


Baby Max: Halloween Edition. Of course, he's sleeping...

Thanks for reading!

– Andrew and Kahoru



October 20, 2010

Key Words: carve v. 切る 彫る , jack o’ lantern n. ジャコランタン, average adj. 平均の ,

unfortunately adv. 不運にも, stencil n , 型板 ステンシル

We got a beautiful, orange pumpkin from our student last week!

What a nice surprise. Thank you!

Of course, we wanted to carve it, but Kaho had never done it. Andy has carved many pumpkins in his life, but usually just a simple triangle-eyed jack o’lantern.  Something like this:

Many children and parents in America carve pumpkins every year,

but we don’t eat this kind of pumpkin. It doesn’t taste good like the little green pumpkins we eat in Japan.  Although, there is one dish with pumpkin in it: pumpkin pie.

*And some people toast and eat the seeds with salt and oil.

Pumpkin pie with whip cream

roasted-pumpkin-seeds11.jpg image by d-k-photos

Pumpkin seeds









This year the average pumpkin price in the US is about $5. Unfortunately, in Japan orange pumpkins are so expensive that we didn’t want to make a mistake. So, I found a stencil on the internet and read how to cut a pumpkin perfectly.

If you want to try carving a pumpkin you can find some nice stencils here: stencils (go to the bottom of the page)

and here are some Disney stencils: Disney (wow,a Jack Skellington  stencil from Nightmare Before Christmas, cool!)


To show you how to do it yourself I made a little movie of Kaho and me carving.

It’s very fun: Please give it a try!

– Andrew and Kahoru

Key Words:recent adj. 最近の、disappointed adj. 残念に思う、architect n. 建築家、

allow v. 許可する、overall adv. 全体的に、crowded adj. 混んでいる、

breathtaking adj. 息をのむような

Hello everyone!

Usually Andrew writes our blog, but today I want to write about my recent trip with my sisters.

Do you know there is an art festival around Setonaikai area?

It is called Setouchi International Art Festival. click here

Me and my two sisters went there last weekend.

We stayed there for three days.

On the first day:

We went to Teshima-island.

 It was rainy so we were very disappointed but it was actually fun and relaxing.

Here are some pictures from Teshima-island.

Lunch at an artistic restaurant

tunnels made with old doors

dinasour in the old house!












Teshima-island was very quiet, beautiful place. Artists from different countries are showing their works in old houses.

We all loved this island.

On the second day:

We went to Naoshima island. Naoshima is probably the most famous island of all because it has many pieces by famous artists.

A pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama


House project by Shinro Otake


I love 湯, a public bath by Shinro Otake

Also there is a famous museum called Chichu Bijutsukan by the famous architect Tadao Ando.
We were not allowed to take pictures here. It was very cool museum.  click here for more info.
Overall we had a good time, but it was too crowded and we had to wait for so long to do anything.
Of course, we had some good food. We had Sanuki-Udon and fresh seafood from the area. Yummy!!

Saba no sashimi










And we saw beautiful sunset from the ferry. It was breathtaking.

It was a great weekend!

Thank you for reading.


October 6, 2010

KEYWORDS: probably adv. おそらく, chat  n. v. チャット、チャットする, buy (bought)  v. 買う、買った, cool  adj. 素晴らしい、かっこいい, cost v. (お金が)かかる,

 for the first time 初めて, another adj. 別の, be able to~ ~することができる,  show off v.  自慢する , stuff n. 物


If you are reading this blog right now, you can probably use a computer. Do you have email? Have you ever joined an internet chat?

Yesterday I bought something cool; it is a webcam.

I bought an Elecom UCAM-DL200HBK camera. It costs about ¥4,400.

I can use it to chat with video on the internet with my family in America, or anywhere! For example, I talked with my 2 sisters this morning and I saw their apartment for the first time! It is so fun to see their faces when we talk. The video is good quality and the service is free! Wow!

That’s my sister, Cody, on the computer.


It’s very cool to be able to talk to someone in another country. 

Here we are showing off some stuff.


I took a short video of my British friend, Gareth, in Kanagawa and I talking.

 The video-chat is called “skype.” Do you use skype? Let’s try it together and study English on skype!


Thanks for reading!

Andrew and Kahoru