Nice Antique Shop

September 29, 2010

 KEYWORDS: have “history” 歴史がある , stuff n. 物 , yard sale n. ガレージセール, deal n. バーゲン, sadly adv.悲しいことに, ovepriced adj. 値段が高い, things like that ~みたいなもの, oval adj./n. 楕円(の), actually adv.実は, bazaar n. バザー

Hello again.

Kaho and I like old things because they:

a. look good,

b. have “history“, and

c. should be less expensive than new stuff.

In America many people enjoy yard sales (or garage sales) because you can usually find something you want at a very, very low price.


A typical yard sale scene

.Kaho and I loved going to yard sales every summer in America. You could sometimes find amazing deals on interesting things. Things like frames, mirrors, tools, etc.

Sadly, yard sales are very rare in Kyoto. 😦

Recycle shops are one place I sometimes like to look, but for nicer stuff antique shops are an option.  Unfortunately, they are usually overpriced!



However, recently we found a very nice antique shop that sells at very reasonable prices! 🙂

The shop is called de naja and they are in Kumiyama, Kyoto. (Here is the website: click here de naja.)

They have lots of ribbon, wallpaper and things like that. But also plenty of furniture and dishes.

We found some nice kitchen chairs and a golden oval frame that we bought. Aren’t they cool!?  The sewing box in the front is Kaho’s Christmas present.

 If you’re interested in antiques maybe you should visit the shop… We will definitely be going back!


*And actually, on November 23rd the Kyoto West Church will be having a bazaar. There will be lots of good stuff at low prices! (It will be a lot of fun, but I’ll post about that later.)

Thanks for reading!

-Andy and Kaho


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