English Garden at the English Bakery

September 1, 2010

KEY WORDS: backyard n. (yard)  裏庭 (芝生)  , ambitious adj. 大望を抱いた , 

grow up v. 成長する, impressed adj. 感動している,  including  v. ~を含めて

bush n. 低木 茂み, usefulness n. 有用性, lawn n. 芝生, 

croquet n. クロッケー,  芝の上で木槌とボールを使ってするゲーム
perennial adj. 多年生の, pretty adv.  かなり, stay v.状態を保つ


We have a nice, little backyard at our house. On Tuesday we decided to try something different. It’s a little ambitious but…

We put in a small, and very simple, English garden.


What is an English garden?

Actually, I didn’t really know what an “English garden” was until I checked the internet on Tuesday morning. (Click here for info. about English gardens in Japanese)

A painting of a REAL English garden


This photo was sent to me by a friend who grew up in England, (see comment below: Mr. Masa) so here is a REAL English garden from his parents’ house.

 I was very impressed. I learned they are big, beautiful gardens with many different kinds of plants including: flowers, herbs and bushes. There is a mix of beauty and usefulness because people often grow vegetables and herbs in these gardens.  If you have a big yard you can have a lawn with an area to play lawn games like croquet (and lawn tennis if it’s very big yard!) or maybe have tea. Sounds very English to me and actually very cool.

We are trying a small mix of flowers, herbs and one perennial tree.

It looks pretty nice now. We hope it will stay beautiful.

She's not working...

Thanks for reading!

– Andrew and Kaho


4 Responses to “English Garden at the English Bakery”

  1. Mr Masa said

    Hello Andrew and Kaho,

    Wow, I like your English Garden. I had a garden in my house in England. I think it was an English Garden. It had a lawn, some flowers, a few herbs, some fruit trees and some bushes. I didn’t have a tennis court but I did used to play croquet on my lawn. I think I have some pictures of my garden, I will send them to you. I look forward to hearing how your garden grows!
    Also, in your last photo, where is Kaho pointing the hose? It looks like she is watering the wall!!

  2. Mr. Masa,
    Thank you for your comment! We would definitely like to see pictures of your garden. It sounds like Masa In Wonderland.
    Kaho just told me she’s never played croquet. My grandma used to have a set, so I’ve played a little. Maybe we should have a joint English Kitchen (Masa’s school)/English Bakery croquet party and try to introduce this sport to Japan!

    Andrew and Kaho
    p.s. The picture of Kaho is her idea of a joke. If you look closely she’s actually watering two little toy ducks (a non-standard addition to the English garden)

  3. Eiko said

    Hello,Andrew and Kaho,
    I like Kaho’s joke. I like your Garden.
    My plants you gave me are growing bigger.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your plants and ducks.

    • Eiko,
      Thanks for the message!
      I’m glad you like our garden, you can see everything (Including the ducks) soon!
      It’s so hot recently that I am worried about the flowers. Maybe they will be OK…
      Take care!

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