Sunflowers 2

August 26, 2010

Keywords; finally adv.  ついに   bloom v.  咲く  successful adj. 成功している 

 ideal adj. 理想的な   plant v.  植える  almost adv.   ほとんど exactly adv. ちょうど 

 height n. 高さ、身長

Hello again!

How are you? Don’t say “hot,” I know you’re hot.

Do you remember my blog about Sunflowers? It was awhile ago, here is the link.


Well, my sunflowers finally bloomed last week.

Actually, only one was successful. I don’t have an ideal place for sunflowers at my house, but after growing one in a planter and moving it in the sun every day, I planted it in the front yard.

After a few weeks here is how it looked:

It was beautiful. And it was almost exactly the same height as me!


Thanks for reading!

Andrew and Kahoru


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