Wii Boxing

August 18, 2010

Key Words: recently adv. 最近, put together v. まとめる,  text n. 言葉、文章,

hurt v. 傷つける、けがをする, during prep. ーの間,  sore adj. 痛い  


How are you?

Recently, we had a chance to play Nintendo Wii at our friends’ house (thank you!) It was fun and our host took this video. I wanted to post it on this blog so I put together a little video. I hope you enjoy it!

(The song in the video is “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes. Click here to see their video)

“Wii Boxing”

Text from movie:

            ” No one was hurt during the making of this film.

              However, our arms were pretty sore the next day.”


*Have you ever played Wii?

YES – Did you like it? What did you think?
NO – Why not?   Do you want to try it?

Please post a comment 英語でも日本語でも大丈夫です!

Thank you for reading!

– Andrew and Kaho


2 Responses to “Wii Boxing”

  1. tomosan said

    I like to play Wii,too.I always enjoy playing Wii with my family.My favorite game is tennis and horse racing.
    I’m looking foward to playing Wii with you again.

  2. Tomo-san,
    Thanks for the comment! I like Wii tennis, too. I also like real tennis, but I think I am better at Wii tennis!
    Let’s play again soon.
    Thanks again!

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