New Movies/Old Movies

August 11, 2010

Key Words : classic n. 古典, (この場合古い名作), recent adj. 最近の,

basically adv. 基本的に, typical adj. 典型的な,excitement n. 興奮,

special effect n. 特殊効果


Do you often watch movies? We at the English Bakery love a good movie!

From classics like Roman Holiday to more recent films like Alice in Wonderland.

We both also like entertaining movies or “popcorn-movies”. This is basically a fun, easy to enjoy movie with lots of typical hollywood excitement, like big stars, great special effects, and a happy ending.


Many people love these kind of fun movies. Good examples are Indiana Jones, Rocky and Die Hard.  All of these movies were popular for many years. And it’s very interesting that they all made new ones recently!

Have you seen any of these?

Which one was the best? Please vote!

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice holiday!

Andrew and Kaho


Special thanks to our friend, for sending us these beautiful pictures of the sky. Nice camera work!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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