Plants (Kyoto Botanical Gardens)

August 4, 2010

 Key Words: Botanical Gardens n.  植物園 , matcha whisk n. 茶せん , greenhouse n. 温室 

battery die 電池が切れた.

Hello again.

We had a chance to visit the Kyoto Botanical Gardens in northern Kyoto. We had never been there. Of course, I brought my camera to post pictures on this blog!

Ok, actually this tree was outside of the gardens across the street, but we thought it was funny. It really looks like a matcha whisk, doesn’t it?

Now inside the gardens:

Then it started to rain!!!




 So we went inside the greenhouse and I took too many pictures of the plants.  

And my battery died!

Oh no!


After it stopped raining we finished our tour. Luckily, my camera started working again.


These next pictures are just funny…

Have you ever been here? Would you like to go? Leave us a comment.
Thanks for reading.
Andrew and Kahoru


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