Sunflowers 2

August 26, 2010

Keywords; finally adv.  ついに   bloom v.  咲く  successful adj. 成功している 

 ideal adj. 理想的な   plant v.  植える  almost adv.   ほとんど exactly adv. ちょうど 

 height n. 高さ、身長

Hello again!

How are you? Don’t say “hot,” I know you’re hot.

Do you remember my blog about Sunflowers? It was awhile ago, here is the link.


Well, my sunflowers finally bloomed last week.

Actually, only one was successful. I don’t have an ideal place for sunflowers at my house, but after growing one in a planter and moving it in the sun every day, I planted it in the front yard.

After a few weeks here is how it looked:

It was beautiful. And it was almost exactly the same height as me!


Thanks for reading!

Andrew and Kahoru


Wii Boxing

August 18, 2010

Key Words: recently adv. 最近, put together v. まとめる,  text n. 言葉、文章,

hurt v. 傷つける、けがをする, during prep. ーの間,  sore adj. 痛い  


How are you?

Recently, we had a chance to play Nintendo Wii at our friends’ house (thank you!) It was fun and our host took this video. I wanted to post it on this blog so I put together a little video. I hope you enjoy it!

(The song in the video is “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes. Click here to see their video)

“Wii Boxing”

Text from movie:

            ” No one was hurt during the making of this film.

              However, our arms were pretty sore the next day.”


*Have you ever played Wii?

YES – Did you like it? What did you think?
NO – Why not?   Do you want to try it?

Please post a comment 英語でも日本語でも大丈夫です!

Thank you for reading!

– Andrew and Kaho

New Movies/Old Movies

August 11, 2010

Key Words : classic n. 古典, (この場合古い名作), recent adj. 最近の,

basically adv. 基本的に, typical adj. 典型的な,excitement n. 興奮,

special effect n. 特殊効果


Do you often watch movies? We at the English Bakery love a good movie!

From classics like Roman Holiday to more recent films like Alice in Wonderland.

We both also like entertaining movies or “popcorn-movies”. This is basically a fun, easy to enjoy movie with lots of typical hollywood excitement, like big stars, great special effects, and a happy ending.


Many people love these kind of fun movies. Good examples are Indiana Jones, Rocky and Die Hard.  All of these movies were popular for many years. And it’s very interesting that they all made new ones recently!

Have you seen any of these?

Which one was the best? Please vote!

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice holiday!

Andrew and Kaho


Special thanks to our friend, for sending us these beautiful pictures of the sky. Nice camera work!

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 Key Words: Botanical Gardens n.  植物園 , matcha whisk n. 茶せん , greenhouse n. 温室 

battery die 電池が切れた.

Hello again.

We had a chance to visit the Kyoto Botanical Gardens in northern Kyoto. We had never been there. Of course, I brought my camera to post pictures on this blog!

Ok, actually this tree was outside of the gardens across the street, but we thought it was funny. It really looks like a matcha whisk, doesn’t it?

Now inside the gardens:

Then it started to rain!!!




 So we went inside the greenhouse and I took too many pictures of the plants.  

And my battery died!

Oh no!


After it stopped raining we finished our tour. Luckily, my camera started working again.


These next pictures are just funny…

Have you ever been here? Would you like to go? Leave us a comment.
Thanks for reading.
Andrew and Kahoru