July 28, 2010

KEY WORDS: amateur adj. アマチュア, take one’s time  ゆっくり , blessing n. 恵み ,

cross v. わたる, stopped in my tracks 立ち止らせる, immediately adv. すぐに ,

narrow adj. 狭い actually adv. 実は


I post new pictures every week. Maybe you guessed that I am an amateur photographer. I like taking pictures, many pictures, and taking my time to get the best one. I believe that there are beautiful things everywhere if you can look for them.


Of course, some things are easy to see as beautiful.  The beauty of the sky is a blessing. I’ve taken many pictures of the sky over Kyoto.

The one below is called “Angels in Muko.”



  I was walking to the store yesterday. As I crossed the park I saw these clouds. It stopped me in my tracks. I immediately turned around, ran back home (yes, I really ran!) and got my camera. I took many photos from the busy, narrow street while many people passed.

Actually, none of the pictures are perfect, but the sky is so nice I wanted to share it.


Well, I hope you enjoyed these.

Please send me your best pictures (of clouds, sky, or anything) and I can put them up on this blog next week.


- Andrew and Kaho


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