Gion Matsuri

July 21, 2010

KEY WORDS:  bet v. 賭ける “I bet!” ぜったいに,  ring in v. ~を告げる ,

 hit the street v. 通りに出る , of course, もちろん、 carefree adj. のんきな ,

consequence n. 結果 , haunting adj. 恐ろしい  oops!   おっと!

Hello. How are you? I bet you’re hot! We all are.  

Many people in Kyoto think that Gion Matsuri rings in summer. We went to this festival on Friday night.  

 (A few other people had the same idea…) 





Then we hit the street.   

And got some food.  


 We did NOT eat this! 😦






Of course, all this care-free fun has consequences… 





There is something haunting but interesting about the music… 


Thanks for reading! 

-Andrew and Kaho

p.s. OOPS! I almost forgot; my favorite picture from that night. Funny t-shirt! What does it mean…?



2 Responses to “Gion Matsuri”

  1. kiyoko said


    what is that(no.4 picture)!?
    a cuttlefish?
    There is something haunting for me…

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