Cat’s Eye!

July 15, 2010

KEY WORDS: popular adj. 人気のある, funny adj. おかしい、おもしろい、 brave adj. 勇敢な  be brave enough to~ ~できるくらい勇敢な , provocative adj. 挑発的 , recently adv. 最近, make fun v. からかう, 

“Magic play is dancing!”

Magic play is dancing: What does this mean? Do you know? It’s from a TV show theme song. The show is called Cat’s Eye (click here for info: キャッツ♥アイ) , which was very popular when Kaho was a girl.  

 The style of using English words in Japanese songs is common and sometimes makes funny sentences. My favorite is “Magic play is dancing!”  No one really knows what it means, but we almost understand.  

Have you seen this show? Do you like it? The theme song is interesting, isn’t it? Are you are brave enough to sing the karaoke version like this person:  

(No, I definitely don’t know her. This video is from YouTube and maybe it’s too long.  But a video camera at karaoke! What a good idea! Maybe Kaho wouldn’t like that idea…)  

The girls in the show are very sexy and I was surprised at how provocative the animation is! Is this show really for children?  


Recently, there is a new commercial that is making fun of Cat’s Eye.  


Thanks for reading!  

And remember, “Magic play is dancing!”  

-Andrew and Kaho 


p.s. Thank you to two special ladies for these cool, personalized English Bakery pencil cases! I’ve actually never had one before. (I don’t think Americans use them,  we just put our pencils behind our ears.) 


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