the 4th of July

July 7, 2010

KEY WORDS: independence n.独立 , these days 最近 , fireworks n. 花火, skinny adj. ヒョロヒョロの, due to ~ ~のために、~のせいで, contract n.契約 , dispute n. v.議論、論争, be arrested v.逮捕される


Last weekend was Independence Day for America. These days, on this holiday many people enjoy BBQing or going to a festival and eating the delicious junk food. There might be a parade. And there are also fireworks involved. BOOM!

In New York City every Fourth of July there is a Hot Dog Eating contest. It’s a funny way to celebrate American freedom, of course, but the funniest part is that a skinny Japanese guy won the contest for many years (from 2001 to 2006). This year, due to a contract dispute, he couldn’t join the contest.  But he jumped up on the stage! And then he was arrested!

I was pretty surprised to see this video.

Thanks for reading!

Andy and Kaho


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