Tennis, anyone?

June 24, 2010

KEY WORDS: annoy v. いらいらさせる ,vuvuzela n. ブブゼラ 南アフリカの楽器 サッカーの応援に使う、プラスチックで出来たラッパのような物 , cicada n. せみ, record n. (set a record) 記録, dent v へこませる. , lose v 負ける. prefer v. -をより好む 

Hello sports fans!

They are cute; The sound is not.

It’s World Cup Soccer time again and most of the world is excited to see if their country will win.  And everyone is also very annoyed by the vuvuzela. What a strange noise! It sounds like the cicada in Japan.

I am from America and I really don’t know much about soccer. The British teachers I met here in Japan tell me it’s a good game. They also tell me it’s not “soccer”, they call it football.   

Soccer of Football?



Well, I guess if America wins I will become very interested in the World Cup.

But is that possible…?


Actually, Wimbledon started on Monday and it’s great so far. Yesterday two men set the record for the longest match ever at Wimbledon; 11 hours! Amazing.

Another record was set by an American who served the fastest serve in Wimbledon history, 148 MPH or 238.18 km/h.

American Dent

It’s kind of funny, actually, because the player’s real name is Taylor Dent. (But he lost the game in the end…)

English tennis news here or in Japanese

Do you watch or play tennis? Who’s your favorite player? Or do you prefer soccer?

Leave us a comment!


Thanks for reading!

-Andrew and Kahoru

p.s. Here’s the link for Japanese TV schedule of Wimbledon; click here.


2 Responses to “Tennis, anyone?”

  1. Mr Masa said

    Hello Andrew,

    I lived in England so I have to say that it is football, not soccer. Although, the strange thing is, the word soccer actually came from England (it was an abbreviation of the name Association Football). According to Wiki, football is the most common name.
    Also, because I grew up in England, I like Wimbledon too. My favourite player is Federer because he is graceful, elegant and humble, which are all things a champion should be.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mr. Masa!
    I have to concede on calling it “football” for two reasons. One: it’s just a more appropriate word, especially because in American football the players foot rarely touches the ball… (I guess the name “handball” was taken?) And two: the sport is from England, and though they gave us both words [see comment above], they can decide what to call it.

    On the topic of tennis, my favorite player is Federer, too. Though it’s an easy choice, I think, because of those things you mentioned [see comment above, again].
    Plus, you gotta love a winner! And the man can win. Let’s see if he can do it again.

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