Can you count the elephants feet?

June 16, 2010

Key Words: optical illusion n.  錯視 hurt v. 痛める stare v. じっとみる second n. 秒 Jesus n.イェス

Hello!  A little while ago I found this cool site on the internet. I thought you might be intersted.

Let’s look at some pictures.

First, can you tell how many feet the elephant has?

This is a great optical illusion by a very smart man named Roger Shepard.  (info here)


Here is another wonderful illusion that might hurt your eyes. Look at it carefully and see it move.

Remember:There is nothing moving in this picture, it’s an illusion!

This one is by Akiyoshi Kitaoka a professor at Ritsumeikan University . (info here EnglishJapanese)

When I was a kid, I used to love this kind of thing. I think I could stare at them for hours.  Now, I guess I’m getting older because it hurts my eyes after a few seconds! Oh well…

I remembered one more illusion, I saw this when I was a child and I thought it was so cool. But this one takes a little time.

You stare at the center of the image for 30 seconds. DON’T MOVE YOUR EYES! Then look at something white, like the wall or a piece of paper. You will see the face of Jesus.

They also have an Obama one in the same style. But there’s no surprise with this image:

Thanks for reading and looking.

Andy and Kaho


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