Doughnuts 2

June 10, 2010

Key Words:hip adj. かっこいい おしゃれな rarely adv. めったに~しない definitely adv.絶対に complicated adj. 複雑な inflated adj. (物価などが)高い incredibly adv. 信じられないほど consumer n. 消費者 

So, let’s talk about donuts (or doughnuts) again! *

Just one more time, OK?  ( *See previous postDo or Do Not: Let’s Donut!”) 

Why? Because Kaho and her friend made a special trip to Osaka to buy some special donuts in a special shop. 



They have a very stylish website, here. (I didn’t know donuts were so hip!) 

I love a good donut, but I rarely buy them. And I would definitely NOT wait in a long line for them like in Shinsaibashi. 

But Kaho did just that; She said it was only 45 minutes. Only 45 minutes! Wow! But she said it’s usually about 90 minutes (on weekdays, longer on weekends) at this new Krispy Kreme shop.  

She knows it’s funny to do something like that, but it was fun for her, I guess. (Also, everyone in line gets one free donut to sample! Nice.)

looOOong line!



Cultural note: These kind of things make good gifts, right? Japan is known for having  a `gift-giving culture.` It’s sometimes complicated, but I’ve learned that an inflated price or an incredibly long wait for the new, trendy gift is part of the gesture. It’s also a kind of sport for the consumers! 



Now what about the donuts? Are they any good? Are they better than the other shops? 

The answer is: 


Go to Shinsaibashi, wait for one hour, buy some donuts, and please bring me some more. 

Thank you for reading. 

Andrew and Kaho 


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