June 2, 2010

Key Words: used to ~ v.  かつて~だった, chewing tobacco n.  かみたばこ, nasty adj. 気持ち悪い , plant v.  植える, sprout n. 双葉(若葉) , scarecrow n. かかし ,

When I was a kid, I used to love eating sunflower seeds. 

My brother ate them because some baseball players ate them instead of chewing tobacco, which is nasty stuff!  


I checked a website of a popular Sunflower Seeds company in America, David’s, and I found a few new flavors! They have Original, –of course, Ranch, Bar-B-Q, Nacho Cheese, Dill Pickle (hmm sounds good!), and a very unique one: ChiliLime


Recently, one of my student’s daughters gave me some seeds. But these seeds were not for eating. 

I planted them. I thought it would take a long time to grow, but they grew already! About one week, I think. 

Sunflower sprouts



 I was worried about crows and other birds eating my little sprouts so I put together this scarecrow. Is it scary? 

Just a little baby for now…


How’s your garden coming along? Please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!  

Andy and Kaho


3 Responses to “Sunflowers”

  1. Mr Masa said

    We planted some vegetables in planters recently. I think we will be able to harvest (pick?) our first cucumber today or tomorrow. It’s very exciting. What plants are you growing?

  2. Mr. Masa,
    Thanks for the comment.
    And thanks for the exciting garden news! Cucumbers are one of my favorites for summer. (Sometimes I make dill pickles.) But I’m not brave enough to try growing my own vegetables… I only grow herbs:
    coriander, basil, parsley, and shiso.

  3. […] you remember my blog about Sunflowers? It was awhile ago, here is the […]

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