New Stuff for the House

May 26, 2010

Key Words: grateful adj. – 感謝している ,crate n. -箱、特に運搬用 ,stack v. -積む ,sand v. -サンドペーパーをかける ,carpenter n. -大工さん

We have a few new things for our house. We’re grateful!

Our friend recently became a doctor and is moving to Bangladesh soon. She will be working in a hospital there. She’s from Ao-Mori and gave us these cool apple crates. We stacked them in the kitchen. 

(the Bangladesh flag looks a lot like the Japanese flag, I think.)


Of course, I had to sand them and paint them with a dark wood coat. I think they look pretty good.

That’s right I’m an English teacher AND a carpenter! 😉


She also had to leave behind this beautiful, old antique chest.

The Chest.

The inside.

The key.


 Now we can put our dishes somewhere safe and maybe we won’t break so many.


Thanks for reading!

Andrew and Kahoru


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