Kentucky and Food

March 18, 2010

Hello everyone.

We are at my brother’s house in Kentucky. We are really enjoying visiting my neice. I think most of you know her picture. We always keep one in the house.

Here she is again.

Anna in a green hat.

We played a video game called “RockBand.” 

Everyone “plays” one instrument: Guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals (singing).

It’s a little difficult at first but fun.

The Beatles RockBand.


Food in the USA

As most of you may know, everything is HUGE in USA. Especially food!!!

Here are some pictures of some food at a supermarket and restaurants. Bon appetit!!

At Adirondack Soup Company

Wall of canned food!


Deli in New York City

big panini plate on Elis Island

Andy tackling BBQ!

BIG pork in BIG supermarket!!


One Response to “Kentucky and Food”

  1. KEIKO said

    wow(・。・)very big ham!!the basket looks small…

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