Hello again.

We made it safely back to Japan. ただいま! We are happy to be home.

But we had lots of fun in America. Our last stop was Texas, home of cows, cowboys and George W. Bush.


We had to fly down to Texas because it is too far to drive. (We are earning many frequent flyer points!)


My little brother, Joey, is very funny.  Here he is with his tree house. Wow! It’s nice. His father built it for him last year.

Kaho and Joey in the tree house

And here is Joey and Andy with Joey’s robot.

The robot is dancing in this picture.

the robot, Joey and Andy


Joey is 9 years old now. When I was in university, I painted a picture of him. He was only a baby then.

When we visited our university we saw the painting hanging in the Art office! I was happy to see it. Actually, I forgot about that painting!

Andy, baby Joey and Kaho


When we came back to Kyoto it was raining. And then it rained again. But it is nice to relax at home.

This week we are teaching lessons again. We can talk about our trip when we see you.

See you soon.

Andrew and Kahoru

Kansai airport, waiting for MK Taxi


Kentucky and Food

March 18, 2010

Hello everyone.

We are at my brother’s house in Kentucky. We are really enjoying visiting my neice. I think most of you know her picture. We always keep one in the house.

Here she is again.

Anna in a green hat.

We played a video game called “RockBand.” 

Everyone “plays” one instrument: Guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals (singing).

It’s a little difficult at first but fun.

The Beatles RockBand.


Food in the USA

As most of you may know, everything is HUGE in USA. Especially food!!!

Here are some pictures of some food at a supermarket and restaurants. Bon appetit!!

At Adirondack Soup Company

Wall of canned food!


Deli in New York City

big panini plate on Elis Island

Andy tackling BBQ!

BIG pork in BIG supermarket!!

New York City! No. 2

March 18, 2010

Hello again!

We are in Kentucky now. It’s been grey and cloudy. And Kaho and I were a little sick! But we’re OK now.

We drove a long way down to Kentucky.

Andy and Dad.

But we want to show you some more pictures from New York City…


Do you know who she is?

Rockefeller Center

We found the Japanese flag at this famous place.

At a restaurant in Rockefeller Center.

The food was nice and the view was interesting. Many people were ice skating. The meal was pretty expensive so we were happy that Kaho’s friend paid for us! Thank you. 🙂

At Times Square.

Another famous place, lots of people and bright lights. We had a special surprise…

"Sweet honeymoon."Very fun. Where should we go next?

New York City! No. 1

March 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!We are safely in NYC and having a great time. Right now it’s Saturday morning and we’re at the hotel. Next, I think we’ll go shopping…

about New York City: The food is good and very big. The people are friendly and very casual. We’ve met some old friends from Japan here. It’s been cold but it’s getting warmer!

*We want to tell you everything but we don’t have time right now.

Please check back next week. We will post pictures and tell you some interesting things.  (For example, we saw Tom Hanks! It’s true.)

Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert - TV show

take care,

We miss you!

Andrew and Kahoru


Statue of Liberty