Blog No.2 AZUKI pepsi

January 29, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Today’s topic is: strange PEPSI flavors

First of all, do you like cola? Do you prefer Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola? please vote on this important issue!


Recently, we tried a new flavor. It’s very Japanesey: Azuki Pepsi. It was actually quite delicious! I remember last summer we tried Cucumber Pepsi, that was ok. And Then they had SHISO Pepsi, which was great. I think you can only find these special Pepsies in Japan.

Last week we drank UME Calpis with dinner. That was very good, too.

There are so many drinks to explore at the 7-11 convenience store.

Have you tried any interesting drinks lately?

Thanks for reading.

Andy and Kaho


First blog

January 27, 2010


—-Hello students!—-

                     We are trying out something new for you. This is our first “blog.”  We will try to post a new diary every week so please visit often.


                    英語の勉強に、また違った角度からトライ して頂くために、ブログをはじめました。毎週新しい日記を載せていくつもりですので、ぜひチェックしてくださいね!


This blog will not be about anything important. It will mostly be for fun and to help you practice English. If you would like to comment (or just say “hello”), you can write a message if you click “Leave a Comment”  at the bottom.  And don’t worry. You don’t have to join the website. But please write your email so we know who you are.

このブログを通して、皆さんに楽しみながら英語の勉強をしていただければいいなと思っています。コメントを残してくださる方は、下の”Leave a Comment”をクリックしてください。また、どなたからのコメントかわかるように、メールアドレスのご記入をお願いいたします。ちなみにコメントを残すためにこのウェブサイトのメンバーになる必要はありませんので、ご心配なく!!

We’ll try to make it interesting but not too difficult.  We’ll post pictures and music and maybe videos.

Thanks for reading our first blog!

Andy and Kaho